Tour Factory

Hi….I’m Karey, from Karey Lewis Images out of Atlanta, GA. I have been a Georgia girl my whole life and grew up loving and photographing the beauty surrounding me. I particularly was always drawn to the wide variety of architecture …it made amazing subjects for me!

I always planned to use my photography after I retired to do something that I loved. Retirement came early 2013, way early due to the economy after I lost my job of 25 years. I was hired to photograph for virtual tours, and found that I LOVED it. My agents have all told me that my photographs get buyers to their properties and they sell quickly. When one told me that my photos showed the “soul of the home”, I knew I had truly found my passion.

I am now the authorized Tour Factory representative in the Greater Atlanta area, and think their tour software and all they offer for great prices is amazing. Call me to get beautiful photos to fill your tours with! I can’t wait to shoot your property!