Who is BUGSPRAY.COM (U-Spray)? ^

Bugspray.com is a small business based in the southeast just outside Atlanta, GA which has been selling professional pest control chemicals and equipment for over 20 years. Bugspray.com specializes in helping people spray for any kind of pest infestation found in the home, yard, garden or place of business. Bugspray.com has been enabling homeowners and business owners a way to do their own pest control safely and effectively by selling only the best products and offering professional advice on how to use them. No doubt doing your own pest control can save over 70% compared to hiring a pest control service company so learning how to do the work is well worth the time and effort.

Bugspray.com was founded by Jonathan Schaefer back in 1992. After working in the pest control business for over 15 years, Mr. Schaefer decided to see if he could present his expertise to homeowners in a way that would enable them to tackle tough pest problems. Within a couple of years, he found out there were a lot of people willing to try and at present time, U-Spray now services the entire country shipping a wide range of products used inside and around the home.

Though the main focus of our business is Pest Control, we have learned to accommodate the demands of our customers. We now carry a wide range of products including live traps, pet supplies, bathouses, garden supplies, turf products, odor control products and a full line of specialty equipment. Our goal is simple and direct: If there is something bugging you, we want to know and once we know what it is, we will either detail a solution to the problem or direct you to an establishment that can.