September 2017

GOST Board Meeting: September  2017 (9/4/2017)

Present:  Joe Lavallee, Leanne Gotvald, Natalie Lane, Justin McElheney, Lauren Knodle, Maricary Yi, Jennifer McDaniel, Aaron Voss

This year a few long time board members, Natalie Lane, Leanne Gotvald and Jeff Brex stepped down. We all owe these folks a giant thank-you for their dedication and commitment to the club over the past few years.  Each of these folks served multiple terms and have helped steer us to where we are now. To that end, we also want to welcome aboard our newest members, Denise Koehen and Carlene Putnam.

New 2017 – 2018 Board Members List

Aaron Voss – President

Justin McElheney – Treasurer

Jennifer McDaniel – Bookkeeper

Joseph Lavallee – Maintenance

Lauren Knodle – Membership

Maricary Yi – Social

Denise Koehn – Pool

Carlene Putnam – Pool


The 2017 season marked some dramatic changes and accomplishments to the GOST property. We thank everyone who helped make this happen. Here are a few of the remarkable improvements:

New Fencing

Repainted Club House

New Roofs on Clubhouse and Sheds

New Refrigerators and Freezer

The Pavilion and Pool deck are joined!

New Grills

There have also been a number of maintenance issues addressed such as plumbing in the ladies room and a new shower in the pool area. We want to send a giant shout out to Wes Bryan, who helped make this happen.

That list covers a number of the physical changes to the pool.  In addition, there have been a number of accounting and administrative updates occurring behind the scenes. Jennifer McDaniel and Justin McElheney have been doing the books and even moved us to Quicbooks! Now it’s even easier to manage our collective money.  Awesome!

Another giant notable is that we are up in membership. This year marked the first time in nearly a decade that we have had over eighty families as part of GOST. Let’s continue this trend into 2018. Any new membership helps us all, so help spread the word on this growing and awesome club!

This year the pool will close for the season on September 30th. There will not be any lifeguards over the next couple of weeks, so it will be Swim At Your Own Risk.

One cost saving measure being initiated is that the pool will not be covered during the off-season. We will pay to have the pool cleaned and maintained during the winter months while it is closed going into 2018. The motivating factor behind this decision is that the monthly fee to sweep the pool over many years is less expensive than the $5000+ cost for new pool cover.

Stocks:  well, the board has also decided that this year will be the year where actual stock certificates will be issued out. Stay tuned. We are going through lots of old data and it is going to take some digging to figure this out but it will be worth it.  We have also changed the pool’s financial year line up with how it runs as a business. The “new” Pool Year will start on October 1st 2017 and run to September 30th 2018. This change helps on many levels, starting with our budget.

We are also very glad to hold the $450 renewal rate into the 2017-2018 Pool Year. To that end, we will be offering the option to start paying on monthly basis starting in October. Many folks find it easier to pay in smaller installments throughout the year rather than one giant payment in the spring. For payment options please check out the website at: [] note, the $50 charge for not abiding by the GOST bylaws and donating a few hours of your time to the pool will be in place.

There is a lot that needs to happen at the clubhouse and we will put your effort to good use. We plan a number of workdays during the year, so you should be able to make at least one. With that being said, most of us have many extracurricular activities, family vacations and time with friends, so there will be some flexibility to meet the needs of the workday obligation if being present at the scheduled workday is not possible. We want to make this as user friendly as possible. This will be handled on a case by case basis and must be communicated directly with the board for their approval.

If you’ve gotten this far, then I really want to thank you. Please know that everyone on the GOST board certainly care. The pool stands as a great gathering point for our neighborhood and brings all of us together. We have great plans for the coming year, and with your help, they can all happen.


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