July 2017

GOST Board Meeting: July 2017 (7/10/2017)


Present:  Joe Lavallee, Leanne Gotvald, Aaron Voss, Natalie Lane, Justin McElheney, Lauren Knodle, Maricary Yi, Jennifer McDaniel


Clubhouse / Maintenance

  • Need to clean the inside of the clubhouse
  • Still need to make a set of keys for each board member.



  • Final payment on resurfacing is due by the end of the season



  • We have 16 new families as of July 1st.



  • Need to clean the area around the trash cans



  • Need to come up with a way to get more member involvement with events. We are sending newsletters and posting on FB, but not very many are attending events.



7/29 Dive in- Moana $5pp rain date 8/5

* Sell concession candy/popcorn

August: Chili Cook-Off/Full Moon Party (TBD)

Monthly Spirit Nights at Brookwood Pizza (10% of proceeds go to GOST)


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