June 2017

GOST Board Meeting: June 2017 (6/12/2017)


Present:  Joe Lavallee, Leanne Gotvald, Aaron Voss, Natalie Lane, Justin McElheney, Lauren Knodle, Maricary Yi, Jennifer McDaniel


Clubhouse / Maintenance

  • Need to clean the inside of the clubhouse
  • Need to replace water jug on the water cooler inside
  • Keys in the lockbox are missing.
  • We need to make a set of keys for each board member.



  • We have had several issues with the lifeguards. Need to discuss this with AMS.
  • Need to replace the wall clock for the pool deck.



  • Payments have been steady. Most are going into the PayPal, but there have been checks and cash payments.
  • We have 11 new families as of June 1st.



  • Need to clean the area around the trash cans
  • Need to come up with a design layout for the playground area.
  • Main gate to the parking lot MUST be closed in the evenings, except for Monday nights (for trash company to get in early Tuesday mornings). We have had several issues with suspicious cars being parked late hours.




Tbd- NBA Finals Watch Party (pending wifi) or GOST Regatta- Cardboard Boat Racing

* Members bring chips and dip

* Big screen & sound equipment

  • * Sell concession candy/ popcorn

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