May 2017

GOST Board Meeting: May 2017 (5/1/2017)


Present:  Joe Lavallee, Leanne Gotvald, Aaron Voss, Natalie Lane, Justin McElheney, Lauren Knodle, Maricary Yi, Wes (attended to update us on the repairs to clubhouse)


Clubhouse / Maintenance

  • Work is continuing on the repairs to clubhouse water lines, skirt, trim, painting, pressure washing, etc.
  • Finish concrete footings for clubhouse, paint clubhouse, trim out, pressure wash pool deck
  • Need to have the water turned back on.


  • The pool is set to open in two weeks
  • Repair / close in sides of pavilion now that it is fenced in
  • Need to repair the latch to the pool fence
  • Need to activate the lifeguard / emergency phone
  • Pump room supplies need to be restocked. Also, the light to pump room is not working.
  • Need to set out the pool furniture and clean them prior to opening date
  • Need to replace the throw rope. Per Kyle @ AMS, there is one in the pump house, but it isn’t long enough.



  • Payments have been steady. Most are going into the PayPal, but there have been checks and cash payments.
  • We have several new families that have joined.
  • We have a few families that will not be renewing with us this season, and some that have moved out of the area.



  • Grass cuts will begin this month.
  • We still have quite a bit of plants that need installed.





5/19 Mojitos in the Moonlight– BYOB rain date 5/20

5/29 Memorial Day BBQ (Stars, Stripes, & Sun)– hosted by GOST

1 meal ticket per person includes: hot dog/hamburger, chips, 1 drink

* Members bring sides/dessert

* Raffle tickets???

* Funnel cakes???



Tbd- NBA Finals Watch Party (pending wifi) or GOST Regatta- Cardboard Boat Racing

* Members bring chips and dip

* Big screen & sound equipment

* Sell concession candy/ popcorn




* Meal ticket includes- 1 burger/hotdog, chips, drink

* Members bring sides/dessert

* Fireworks!!!

7/29 Dive in- Moana $5pp rain date 8/5

* Sell concession candy/popcorn


August: Chili Cook-Off/Full Moon Party (TBD)

Monthly Spirit Nights at Brookwood Pizza (10% of proceeds go to GOST)



GOST Regatta- Cardboard Boat Racing (I think this would be a great fundraiser!!!)

Each family pays an entry fee to race. Boats must be made solely of cardboard and duct tape (single rider boats only). Prizes will be given to race winners by age group & for most creative design.

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