April 2017

GOST Board Meeting: April 2017 (4/10/2017)


Present:  Joe Lavallee, Leanne Gotvald, Aaron Voss, Jennifer McDaniel, Natalie Lane, Justin McElheney, Lauren Knodle, Maricary Yi


Clubhouse / Maintenance

  • Work is continuing on the repairs to clubhouse water lines, skirt, trim, painting, pressure washing, etc.
  • Our next scheduled workdays are this Saturday and Sunday. We have worked to get a lot of our items checked off, but here are some of the tasks we will work on this weekend:- Finish concrete footings for clubhouse
    – Begin skirt installation
    – Trim out buildings for paint
    – Start the painting process
    – I have rented a pressure washer scrubber for the pool deck. I will provide the pressure washer. We will need someone to do the pressure washing


  • The new fence around the pool and pavilion has been installed
  • The pavilion is now enclosed inside of the fenced area, giving direct access to and from the pool



  • Payments have started coming in to PayPal and in the mail.


  • Plant installation
  • Mulch installation. I will bring a wheelbarrow but others may need to as well
  • If someone can bring a mower, I will bring a string trimmer and edger to know back the growth and make it a bit more tidy. I have a blower as well.


  • Social events are getting lined up for the season. The tentative schedule will be posted on next months minutes.

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