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Hello fellow GOST members!

Crazy weather we are having this year! All of these warm sunny days make me think of swimming and seeing all of our community members again. This year we are going to take advantage of this weather to get the pool up and ready for a great season. Much has been done and there is still more to come, especially with your support!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all of you who are members. Without you, it simply wouldn’t exist… it’s that simple. You make it happen!

Here are a few things, besides keeping the lights on and the pool filled, that we have been able to accomplish last year with the help and support of members/companies that have donated their time and resources to the club. You can see the vendors on the GOST website. If we can do this in a few seasons, imagine what can happen with your continued support!!

Recent GOST Improvements

– Resurfaced the pool and added new tile
– Installed security cameras at the clubhouse
– Installed new roofing to the clubhouse as well as the pump house and utility shed
– Filled in the baby pool with decorative pavers
– Rebranded the GOST logo
– Created and installed a new entrance sign
– Major landscape adjustments including tree removals, stump grinding, plant installation and mulching
– Relocating the bike rack and creating an enclosure that works with the existing footprint
– Commercial refrigeration appliances have been donated

Not only have exterior improvements been made, but other improvements as well such as updating all of our accounting to Quickbooks software as well as other aspects of getting business up to speed with current technology that we all take for granted these days such as online bill pay! Your board has been working hard to implements these items for you, the community. As always, our goal is to continue these improvements but we will need your help to keep the momentum going.

There is still a lot that needs to be done so we will take advantage of the crazy weather and have multiple work days available. As per the GOST guidelines, all members are required to participate in at least one work day. In the past we have only offered one chance to make that happen and with today’s crazy schedules;  kids, work, vacations etc. I understand how tough it can be to find time, hence the multiple option approach. See below for a list of dates that you can take advantage of to do your part. Remember, you only need to fulfill one work day but I will not tell you to go away if you come back to help again! I will be at all of these workdays regardless of who shows. but I look forward to seeing each and every one of you!


Saturday 3/11
Saturday 3/18
Sunday   3/26


Saturday 4/22 (Metal Recycling)
Sunday   4/23
Saturday 4/29


Saturday 5/06
Saturday 5/13

Some of the items that we have slated to be done before Memorial day opening weekend include, installing the new clubhouse skirt, repair clubhouse plumbing, painting the clubhouse, installation of new lighting (posts and LED landscape), creation of a fun and functional playground for the kids, constructing a new outdoor grilling area, new fencing and continued landscape enhancements of course. I firmly believe these items are easily obtainable goals with your support physically by helping and monetarily by sending in your dues.

We have some scrap metal at the pool that will be hauled away. I have someone tentatively set up to come by and pick it up on Saturday 4/22 (Earth Day). If you have any old metal of any sort that you need to get rid of, this would be a great time to let us know. Bring it on down or we will send someone to pick it up if it is too bulky to bring over.

Important note for workdays this year. Please sign up ahead of time so we will know how many people will be at each workday. Some projects require more people than others. This will help coordinate what jobs will be done on what day… who knows, if we get enough people on a particular day, there may be a food truck showing up towards lunch time to feed such a hardworking bunch! Also because there is a minimum to get one to pool. *:) happy
Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other board members through the website or Facebook to sign up for one of the work days or ask questions about membership, dues, board position opportunities or just say Hi!

Thank you!

Joe Lavallee – GOST President
(e) gostpresident@gmail.com
(c) 404.590.9894

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