Recap of Annual Shareholder Meeting

Thank you to each of you that were able to take time out of your day to join us yesterday. There were quite a bit of you that weren’t able to show up, so here is a recap of what was discussed.

The members voted on several items: budget, new board of directors candidate and two (2) amendments to the By-Laws.

Annual Budget: Approved
New Board of Directors candidate: Justin McElheney – Membership Approved
Amendments to the By-Laws: Approved



Section 1

The Board shall establish the time and place of its regular meetings with sufficient frequency to properly carry out its duties. Any Board Member that misses six (6) meetings within twelve (12) consecutive months, without prior notification of absence, will be removed from his/her position by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board and/or by a quorum at any meeting. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.



Section 1

The annual meeting of the corporation shall be held within a fourteen (14) day period prior to Labor Day weekend.  (Date changed by amendment August 2016)

Items on the agenda for the 2016 season

Task that have been completed so far

  • New roof installed
  • New entrance design
  • New plants and ground maintenance
  • New security cameras installed
  • New bike rack area setup
  • The overflow area at the pump house and shed trenched

Task on the calendar for this fall

  • Clubhouse structure repairs
  • Paint clubhouse and sheds (Paint has been donated for this project) – Gray w/ black shutters, white trim
  • Relocate the shower area to the inside pool fence area
  • Baby pool: Once the pool has closed for the season and the cover has been put on, we will begin the process of filling in the baby pool. Unfortunately, to repair the pool back to its working order it would costs upwards of $10,000. Filling it in is the best and most cost efficient option at this time.
  • Pavilion: the fence between the pavilion and pool area will be removed and moved to the outside of the pavilion. Enclosing the pavilion into the pool fence will give better access to both areas during parties and other events.


  • Membership: This season we lost four (4) past memberships – gained seven (7) new memberships
  • Grounds Maintenance: There was a slight increase to the grounds maintenance budget
  • Social Fundraising: we came in above our goal on social events
  • Lifeguard: we will keep the same hours for next season
  • Membership Payments: PayPal fees for online payments were $300 this season. If at all possible, please make membership payments via check or cash. Next season may have a small fee added to membership payments that are made through PayPal to offset fees.

Plans for the back field / old tennis court area

  • The back tennis court will be removed for a new sports field (small baseball or soccer area)
  • New playground equipment will be installed (we are still adding additional items -if you have any you would like to donate, please feel free to put at the back area with the other items)
  •  New communal BBQ and grilling area will be installed
  • Community garden, possibly including fruit and veggie stands
  • Additional parking lot

Click on the links below to view the documents

New Logo
2016 Proposed Budget
New Grounds Concept

Reminder: The last day of the pool season is Sunday, September 11th. 

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